Becoming homeless has many different reasons for every family or person. It’s not always just one thing, it is usually a whole source of bad luck. Sometimes it is simple like losing a job or not paying rent, or it can be losing someone close to you and just falling apart.


Losing a job or having trouble finding a job is one of the main reasons people become homeless. This is because a lot of people are just one paycheck away from homelessness. The costs of living in cities can be very high, and it is hard to save if all your money is going toward expenses.

A Personal Or Family Crisis

Even if you feel like you have a bit of money stowed away, a family emergency can suck it dry right away. Something like getting your car towed can cost quite a bit of money, or even a trip to the emergency room or your pet getting sick. Savings are great until they’re gone, and one emergency is enough to do that.

Divorce is another thing that can cause people to become homeless. It is expensive, and it might be difficult to pay bills alone. Usually, that type of homelessness is short term for families until they get back on their feet and find a place.

Affordable Housing

In big cities in the United States, the prices of housing can be insane. New York and San Francisco specifically have very expensive housing. Families are paying more than 50% of their income on housing, and this can really cut into their ability to save.

If they have children and they are working full-time jobs at minimum wage families can still have trouble affording rent and other bills. Most families can’t even afford average two-bedroom rents.

Demographics: Youth and LGBT

If you are young or are also LGBT, you have a higher chance of becoming homeless as well. Teenagers don’t usually get services or help when they are alone anyways, instead choosing to group off or get help from friends.

If you are an LGBT teen, you are more likely to become homeless as well because parents are not always accepting. They are even at risk for violence and abuse more than those who are heterosexual. They can have discrimination issues when trying to find housing or help, and it might just be easier to stay away after all and not risk it.

Why People Become Homeless