We are a center based on Miami dedicated to helping those in our city who are homeless. Being homeless is not a choice for many, and just a week of bad luck can put people out on the street. Without a stroke of luck, the good kind this time, it can be hard to get back on your feet.

Our mission is to help give back lives to homeless men, women, and children. We know that every person matters and counts in our great city. We want to help by promoting change within our system and having programs for them to help them be a productive member of society once more.

It is our duty to give shelter to the needy, food for the hungry, and even be ready to help teach skills. We have programs that help educate people to use computers, update their resumes, and even find healthcare.

For us, we want to be able to do more than just help the body for one night. We want to help transform the person to their best potential. We have the opportunity to help find housing for the homeless and to help them along their path.

Compassion is the most important thing for us to have. We need to have love and compassion for our fellow human being no matter what put them in the situation they are in. Wanting to help people and see them learn to be happy is the core mission of our group.

It is our goal to help restore what has been lost. Homelessness can be hard and tear away at a person’s sense of self-worth. They may not feel like deserve to be helped, but they do. We just want to remind them of that.