Homeless people are so easy for most of us to overlook, especially when you see them every day. Eventually, you grow heartless to their plight, and your eyes glaze over them when you see them hovering in doorways or panhandling at streetlights. That doesn’t mean you hate them, it just means they are now a part of the scenery.

Many people want to avoid those homeless people who might want to get them to acknowledge them and treat them as less than human. Homeless people make others uncomfortable.

The thing is, homeless people are not the lazy vagrants everyone makes them out to be. There has been a vast housing affordability crisis in recent years and many people who never thought they’d be there have ended up on the streets.

How Many Homeless?

There were 552,830 people homeless each night in 2018, which means that it is 17 out of every 10,000 people in America.

Chronic homelessness is a real issue that people face from all walks of life. Many of us are just one missed paycheck away from being homeless and losing everything, but it is so easy to ignore that that could have happened to those who we see on the streets.

Temporary homeless assistance is a part of the government’s attempts to help, but the lists are often very long and the resources too small in comparison.

Where you live can impact the levels of homelessness and poverty as well. Some areas are just not conducive to the success of homeless people, and pulling yourself up out of a rut like that can be impossible without a stroke of luck.

Even when resources are utilized to help people have beds for the night and food, there is still a whopping 30% of homeless people left out in the cold. There are just not enough resources to treat the homeless population the way they deserve to be.

What This Means for Cities

The economic impact of homelessness is quite huge on many levels because it does include lots of housing that is not affordable, so the market isn’t great. It means there is a burden on society because they need help being taken care of, but it adds a strain on resources that are already pretty spread out.

Homelessness can also deter people from living or visiting certain areas, as sad as that is.

Basically, it can be hard to make your way out of, and people are judged harshly for not being able to do it. This can often lead to shame and people feeling the need to isolate themselves from others as they do not deserve to be helped, or that there are others more in demand than them.

Often people need the right attention and assistance to recover from their issues, but they may end up using drugs or drinking too much to get rid of the shame and depression they feel.



Statistics About Homelessness In The US