We strive to assist those who are homeless in any way that we can. It is more than just about giving a place to sleep for the night or a meal for the belly. There are men and women and children who need all the help and compassion they can get to better themselves.

This means we provide many different services. This ranges from job development or training, housing assistance, mental care, dental care, and other services all available at our center.

Case Management

Within three days of entering our center, a homeless person is given a case manager. A case manager is here to learn about your specific situation and needs. They will do the best they can to make a plan for what you need to move forward.

It might be as simple as connecting someone with resources, or more complicated about figuring out what services or classes you could take to help you. If there are issues, we are sure to help you find resources outside the center as well.


At our center, we want to make sure you are as healthy and happy as possible. Being homeless means, you probably aren’t getting the care you need to prevent problems. That’s why we have clinics on site to help you.

We have a simple clinic meant to help with any immediate concerns. Having doctors to treat you while you are here is more cost effective overall. This way you don’t have to struggle to find a way to a doctor’s office or wait a long time for an appointment.

Dental Care

A dental office van is on site to take care of your teeth. We provide cleanings, exams, x rays, and even dental surgery. The health of your teeth can really affect your physical health and abilities and we want to make sure you are treated as you need it.

Mental Health

A lot of those who suffer from homelessness also have mental health issues. It can be hard dealing with one or the other but both can keep people from finding success. We want to be able to help diagnose any mental illness and find the best way to treat it.

An on-site psychiatrist is available along with counseling or treatment groups or individual. They work with case managers to provide optimal help. We are here to help you get back to your life.