Our center can hold about 1,000 people at a time. We, of course, focus on families first as they need a certain level of care and to stay together. We have no real rules for coming to our center except you can’t be on drugs and have to follow our rules.

There are so many people who are homeless who just need this opportunity to get back on their feet. That’s why we are here, to help people remember what success feels like

Here are some of the programs we offer to this end.

Job Development And Placement

We have trained employment specialists at our center. They are here to help you develop the skills you need to get a job. There are a lot of skills often required that are considered basic that weren’t needed years ago. We want to help prepare you to enter the workforce.

  • We have job training skills. There are programs for adult education, vocational training like culinary or security jobs, and help to enter a wide range of fields
  • Job development help so that you can get help writing resumes, handling interview questions, what business clothing would look like and materials needed for job searches
  • Job placement as we have connections with employers at the local level. It might be necessary to know what places don’t mind if you have a large gap between jobs. Not all places are willing to do that sadly so it can be good to know where to apply

Housing Placement

It can be hard finding housing for many people, and even harder figuring out where to even start. So many places require a lot of information or money up front, and it can be daunting or overwhelming.

We help with applications, utilities, security deposits, and even try to provide furniture or appliances if needed. We don’t want you to make it into a home finally only to have nothing inside of it, not even pots or pans.

If someone has a disability or special needs, then we work to find places to accommodate or assist with that.

We know that finding a home is really only one necessary step to getting your life back together. That’s why we don’t drop you off and then forget. We stay in contact to make sure you have what you need and give any advice or assistance if we can.

Pet Kennels

Many families or individuals who are homeless have beloved pets that they don’t want to give up. That can be a problem if they need shelter or need to feed their family. That’s why we are happy to take in residents who have pets and help.

We care for dogs and cats in our kennels and try to work it around the families who need this. We provide pet food and care and make sure they are healthy and taken care of. We also assist in paying for vet appointments and shots.

Our Help Programs