Every three months we have an annual Dental Drive.

Those who are homeless are welcome to come to take advantage of the dental care we provide free of charge. Usually, it is meant for those who are residents of our center only. But we know that there are those in our community that still need help.

So we have a day of free cleanings to all those who need them in our city. It goes from 7 am to 7 pm,  and we try to fit in as many dental cleanings as possible. Oral health and hygiene are very important and we want to make sure people get those services. It’s just one of the many ways we try to give back to our city of Miami.

Back To School BBQ

Being homeless can take its toll on families especially. Children are embarrassed and don’t always have what we need. So every year we have a back to the school fundraiser and BBQ so that people get the supplies they need.

Families submit a list of things they need for school a month in advance and we post what is needed. The community donates these items, and we sort them for families and then have a huge barbeque to kick off the school year.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners

Our holiday dinners are quite famous around here. It’s a mix of potluck and cooking at our own cafeteria. We invite everyone who wants to come for free food. We get volunteers who let us know what they are providing, and we put up a list of things we need.

In the spirit of family and giving it can be hard for those who are homeless. They might not even have a family to spend these holidays with. We bring together all sorts of people, and we all eat at the same table.