Children Services

Families who are homeless and also have children are a huge chunk of our residents at our center. We provide daycare for families to make sure their children are cared for while they try to find work, and have a teen center along with dorms for families specifically to stay at so they can be together.

As soon as families are checked in, we confirm that they are registered with the local school. If not we help that process along to make sure they get the schooling they need to succeed.

We provide bus transportation for children to get to school or daycare. We make sure there are uniforms supplied if they are needed, and usually, in Florida, these days uniforms are required. School supplies are provided whenever needed.

Every evening we have family-oriented activities. There are game nights, trivia, and movie nights. It is essential for families to come together in these difficult times. That is why we give an opportunity for them to bond and grow together and not feel apart. 

We also have a teen center for teenagers after school. It helps keep them distracted. There are gaming stations for them along with study areas and a small library. It is important to provide opportunities for them, so they don’t get into trouble which happens all too often.

We also have computers on site for families as well. Adults often need a little bit of help figuring out computers, and teens need them for school. We like to have everything needed at our center so that travel is not necessary.

These days a computer is often required to be able to finish homework. We want to make sure these kids have all the opportunities as their peers to be successful.

Our daycare program has trained staff to watch small children. Daycare is one of the most significant expenses for working parents, and if you are homeless, both parents should be trying o make money. Daycare costs can ruin this. So we watch children while parents work or search for work.

This is just one of the many ways we seek to help our community.

Families are the backbone of society. They raise children and do activities together and bring up the new adults of the world. We need to make sure everyone has the opportunity and chances to succeed regardless of their current situation.

Help For Children