Those who choose to volunteer with us are greatly valued members of our staff. To take time to dedicate to helping others along with running your own life is hard, and we know it. That is why we appreciate every single person who takes the time to volunteer with us.

Volunteers are vital to our operation. We don’t have the funds to have all the people necessary to keep everything organized and rolling smoothly. That’s where the volunteers come in.

Every year we have thousands of people donate the best thing possible: their time. Volunteering changes not only the lives of the people you help but your life too. It can be very fulfilling to know you are giving back to the community and helping others. Compassion is an essential trait in this world.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many ways that you can volunteer your time and skills to help us. Let us know if you have a preference. Here are some things you can volunteer with:

  • Chapel/Spiritual Groups
  • Food/Clothing Drives
  • Food Service
  • Maintenance
  • Office/Clerical
  • Prayer Team
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Serving Meals
  • Special Events
  • Special Projects
  • Thrift Stores Assistance
  • Tutoring/Educational
  • Youth Programs

Changing Lives

By volunteering your energy, time, and kindness, you will effectively improve the lives of the homeless in our community. This means that you will do everything you can to support us in our mission to help the homeless take back their lives.

It is so easy to volunteer, just fill out an application and give a working phone number. A quick interview and background check will need to be done, and then you can join our team. Come and check us out today to see how you can help the people of Miami.